Aims and Activities

Specific aims of AMICI are to:

  • Serve as an information and interaction hub for microbiome research in Austria
  • Contribute to networking among individual microbiome researchers and the diverse Austrian scientific and medical societies
  • Stimulate and facilitate national/international research collaborations and clinical studies
  • Foster excellence in Austrian microbiome research
  • Advance training and education in microbiome research
  • Inform the public on microbiome-related research and microbiome-based implications for human and animal health
  • Represent a national contact and information point for policy makers

The following activities provide examples of how we want to accomplish our goals:

  • Organisation of national and international conferences, workshops, etc.
  • Representation of microbiome research on annual meetings of the participating societies
  • Joint use of research resources and infrastructure
  • Presentation of research news and other microbiome-related information on our webpage
  • Public outreach activities
  • Publication of papers for the scientific community and the lay audience
  • Establish guidelines for microbiome-based research, diagnostics, and therapies